Ramadan (fasting month) has started! | PT.SAKURA MITRA ...

Ramadan (Ramad n:? Fasting month) is when? | Nihonbashi Yumeya

Ramadan (fasting month) has started! | PT.SAKURA MITRA ... Islamic (Islamic calendar) Is a pure lunar Islamic calendar (Islamic calendar) does not perform the correction of the period of the Earth by the leap month is around the sun, we will repeat alternately month of one month the day of the month and 0 days. Therefore, since the year is the day, it will shift to the solar calendar about two days each year. Since the season is a round in about a year, it is said that [Muslims to degree experience in life the Ramadan of the same season. Ramadan and is By the second month of the Visualizer calendar, during this Ramadan, it is one of the five elements of the Muslim [fasting (Saumu)] is done. Muslim of five elements: faith of the confession (shahada), prayer (Sarato), almsgiving (zakat), fasting (Saumu), pilgrimage (Hajj) Fasting is not the purpose is to reduce the intake of food and drink, 0 under the age of children and pregnant women only as a religious ordeal, it will be imposed on Muslims, except the sick. This about one month is not necessarily say that completely fast, while you are out of the day ahead in the supply of about moisture, has become determined to take the meal of the day during the period from sunset to sunrise.

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